Mall at Robinson

Surprisingly, the mall at Robinson was my first show in my hometown! It was nice to not have to have a four hour drive on the way home this time. Bracelets were definitely popular, check out these decked out arms! She wanted to bring presents for all of her friends in Florida, and decided to wear them all until she got home.

Grove City Strawberry Days Festival


Strawberry Days was so much fun! EveryRings were a HUGE hit and I loved seeing all the girls walking around wearing them by the end of the festival. It was my first time at this festival and I definitely think it was a big success, so hopefully you will be seeing me and my hot pink tent there next year. I don't think I could pass up the opportunity to get some more of those Amish donuts...

Product Warranty



Each piece of jewelry has a one year warranty! If at any time over the year, you are less than satisfied with your earrings, necklace or Everyring, write to me in the "Contact" form. You will be able to send back your broken product (due to normal wear and tear, not physical damage) and I will gladly fix or replace your product. 





2011 Summer Arts Festivals

Other arts festivals I will be attending Summer 2011:

Canal Fest - North Tonawanda, NY
July 23-24

Lewiston Arts Festival - Lewiston, NY
August 13-14

Elmwood Arts Festival - Buffalo, NY
August 27-28

Hope to see you there!

Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY

The Lilac Festival was great! This was my first show with my Square credit card reader, which turned out to be a huge success. It was funny watching customers' reactions when I asked if they would like their receipt texted or emailed to them! Lilac was definitely the biggest show I've been to. There were so many people, and so many other booths around. I definitely want to return to the Lilac Festival next year. See you there!

Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine

Check this out! There is an article on Soda Can Earrings in the August 2010 issue of Pittsburgh Fashion Magazine. View their online copy. Here is a sneak peek-


Pittsburgh Flea

While I am not traveling to arts festivals, I like to attend the Pittsburgh Flea. With their friendly atmosphere (and free setup help!) I enjoy going there on the Sundays I am in Pittsburgh. Their website,, has recently posted about me on their home page. Thanks guys! Hopefully I will be in town July 18th, so come stop by!

Screenshot from

Ellicottville Arts Festival

Over the past weekend, I attended the Ellicottville Arts Festival. It was a quaint town, with amazingly crafty people I must say. I had a great time and enjoyed the experience of participating with my new hot pink tent and the display I created. While I was there, I found the Holiday Shoppe, which will now be carrying my products. If you are in Rochester N.Y. over the weekend (July 10-11) I will be at the Corn Cob Arts Festival, near Corn Hill. Hope to see you there!

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